Conventional Plaster Textures

Conventional plaster has been a staple in the construction and interior design industry for years. Its adaptability and versatile nature allow it to take on a range of textures that can transform the look of a space.

What Conventional Plaster Textures We Offer

Some of these textures include:

Stucco is a type of finish that is known for its rough and grainy appearance. It’s typically used for exterior walls and can be recognized by its uneven, bumpy surface. Stucco can be applied using various techniques, leading to different levels of roughness and patterns.

This texture evokes the traditional earthen plasters used in adobe construction. It has a coarse, hand-applied look that is reminiscent of ancient buildings. Its rugged appearance provides a rustic charm to surfaces.

Originating from Mexico, the Monterrey texture is characterized by a mix of rough patches and smooth areas. The application involves adding a few layers of plaster and using a trowel or brush to achieve the desired effect. It’s a blend of rustic and refined, offering a unique aesthetic appeal.

As the name suggests, this texture is inspired by the old European homes and structures. It provides a time-worn, rustic appearance, complete with intentional imperfections, giving surfaces a rich, historical look.

For those seeking a more subtle texture, the sand finish is ideal. As the name indicates, this finish has the appearance and feel of fine sand. Plaster is mixed with sand grains, and when applied, it gives a consistent, slightly rough surface that’s perfect for adding subtle depth to walls.

Achieved using a trowel, this texture offers a smooth surface with intentional, slight variations in texture. The artisan uses the trowel to create swirls, arcs, or even straight smooth lines, depending on the desired effect. The outcome is a blend of refinement and artistry.

Why Choose Conventional Plaster Textures

Each of these textures provides a distinct aesthetic, suitable for different design preferences and architectural styles. Whether aiming for a rustic feel or a more polished look, conventional plaster offers an array of options to choose from.