Ornamental Plaster: Adding Artistry to Architecture

Ornamental plaster is a specialized form of plastering that focuses on intricate design and detailing. It is often used to add decorative features to a building or interior space, creating a unique blend of form and function.

What Ornamental Plaster Work We Offer

Some of its notable applications we offer include:

Bands are continuous strips of decorative plaster that run horizontally across walls, ceilings, or exteriors. They can be used to accentuate room boundaries, create visual divisions, or even act as design elements on their own. Whether simple or intricate, bands can transform a plain surface into something more elegant and refined.

Often positioned where the wall meets the ceiling, crown molds or crown moldings serve both a decorative and functional purpose. They can hide imperfections or joints and add a touch of sophistication to a room. The designs can range from simple curves to elaborate patterns, catering to both modern and classical architectural styles.

Radius molds are curved plaster designs, which can be used to accentuate archways, doorways, or any curved structure within an architectural space. They offer an aesthetic transition between different architectural elements and can be tailored to match the curvature and style of any space.

Beyond the standardized design elements, ornamental plaster offers the flexibility to create any custom design or pattern. Whether it’s a unique motif, a replica of a historical piece, or an avant-garde design concept, ornamental plaster allows artisans to bring a vision to life on walls, ceilings, and other architectural surfaces.

Why Choose Ornamental Plaster

The art of ornamental plaster is deeply rooted in history, with many ancient civilizations employing it to showcase their craftsmanship and cultural identity. Today, it remains a testament to the blend of artistic vision and architectural precision. Whether the goal is to elevate a modern space or to recreate the grandeur of a bygone era, ornamental plaster offers a versatile medium to achieve it.