Gypsum Plaster in Interior Design

Gypsum plaster has been a popular choice in interior design due to its versatility, ease of application, and smooth finish. Derived from mineral gypsum, this plaster offers a wide range of applications, especially in intricate and decorative interior works.

What Gypsum Plaster Work We Offer

Some of its key applications include:

Barrel Ceilings: Resembling the curve of a barrel, this type of ceiling offers an elegant, arch-like design that can elevate the look of a room. Gypsum plaster is an excellent material for creating these curves because of its malleability and smooth finish.

Cove Ceilings: These are a more subtle form of the barrel design, featuring a gentle upward curve at the juncture of the walls and ceiling. Gypsum’s adaptability makes it perfect for this delicate curve, ensuring a seamless transition.

Gypsum plaster’s moldability allows for the creation of beautiful and ornate columns. Whether aiming for a classic Corinthian look or a more modern and streamlined column, gypsum plaster can be shaped and detailed to the designer’s specifications. Not only do these columns serve an aesthetic purpose, but they can also provide structural support, depending on their construction.

Often referred to as the final layer in plastering, a white coat finish is a thin layer of gypsum plaster applied over the base layer. This finish is known for its incredibly smooth surface, which can reflect light beautifully, giving rooms a bright and airy feel. It also provides a pristine, paint-ready surface, making it a favorite among interior designers and homeowners aiming for a polished look.

Why choose Gypsum Plaster

In addition to its design capabilities, gypsum plaster also boasts other advantages. It’s fire-resistant, making it a safer option for homes and buildings. It also dries faster than traditional plasters, ensuring quicker project completion. With its combination of functionality and aesthetic flexibility, gypsum plaster continues to be a favored choice in interior design and architecture.